Facility / Service


Souvenir Shop

Souvenir Shop

At the souvenir shop in the lobby, you can buy shirts, ties and underwear, as well as snacks and drinks. Please feel free to drop by!

Front Service

Front Desk Services

  • Arrangement service (charged)
    Copier, FAX (sending and receiving), delivery service, massage, cleaning
  • Items available at the front desk
    Area map, timetable (access map, tourism pamphlets available), cotton, cotton swab
  • Rental for guestrooms
    Light stand, trouser press, humidifier, iron, nail cutter, sewing set
    * There is a limit to the number of items that you can rent.

Rental Cycle

Rental Cycle


At the Belmont Hotel, you can rent a bicycle (charged) for business or tourism. To reserve a bicycle, please use the internet site. It may also available upon request at the front desk, if there are some left.

Fee (1 person)
Within 30 minutes: free
From 30 minutes to 1 day: 500 yen

  • [Notice]
  • Rental is by reservation only.
  • Please lock the bicycle if you leave it somewhere.
  • If you break or damage the bicycle or act illegally, you will have to pay for the repair expenses.
  • We do not have bicycles for children.
  • If the bicycle is stolen while in your care, we will charge 15,000 yen per bicycle.

Nearby Facilities

  • Tokyo Bungu Kyowakan

    Tokyo Bungu Kyowakan

    A rental meeting room near our hotel. It has a capacity of 260 people.

    For more information (Japanese)

  • Yakata-Bune


    Kandagawa flows behind our hotel and there are many yakata bune (a roofed pleasure boat). Please try out a yakata bune when you stay at our hotel. They’re great fun!

Regarding extension and cancellation

  • Extension
    Our hotel check-out time is 10:00am.
    We will charge you as below if you would like to extend your check-out time.
    12:00pm (noon): 30% of the usual accommodation fee
    3:00pm: 50% of the usual accommodation fee
    6:00pm: 80% of the usual accommodation fee
    After 6:00pm: 100% of the usual accommodation fee
  • Cancellation
    Informing the day before your stay: 20% of the accommodation fee
    Informing on the day of your stay: 80% of the accommodation fee
    No prior notice: 100% of the accommodation fee
    Please contact us if your plans are affected by bad weather, an earthquake, transportation problems etc.